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Place Value Houses in the Millions

Place Value Houses in the Millions


Maths stamp for the learning of place value up to a billion.

This stamp has columns for ones, tens, hundreds in both the hundreds, thousands and millions 'house' to help students order digits correctly and write number values correctly as they learning numbers into the millions.

Also available using the term 'units' instead of 'ones'.

Ink Colour
  • Technical Specs

    Comes in your choice of ink colour. Will make over 5000 impressions. Refillable using an oil based ink. Rectangle Stamp - 66x85mm.

  • Terms and Conditions

    As our products are made to order and offer customisations, we cannot accept refunds or returns for ‘Change of Mind’ purchases. We do offer a satisfaction guarantee on our products and offer refunds or exchanges for faulty products within 30 days of product purchase. All purchases will be shipped 7-10 days from the purchase date.
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